Hello, and welcome to Polidélico. I was initiated in the world of digital art by my father at a very early age. Ever since, my imagination has been volatile, constantly bursting in creative waves that keeps myself busy all day. There is no paper that can escape my spontaneous doodling! I consider myself a quick and deep learner who strives for success persistently, always seeking for newer challenges. Today, I want to share with you my graphic design and animation services — maybe you got my next challenge!

What's the meaning of Polidélico?

As a multidsciplinary artist, I've always had the struggle of not being able to focus on one service because I knew I could evolve anytime into something else. Polidélico is a fusion of two words that best describe me as a person and artist and designer. "Poli" means "many", and "délico" means "manifestation". As the name suggests, Polidélico is the one word that allows me to expose my multifaceted personality and self brand. I use an eye to represent the creative vision, and the ability to see beyond traditional paradigms.

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